Wood Inserts

Cozy up to a Wood insert and save money on your heat bill

You can easily install a wood insert into your existing masonry fireplace and stop losing up to 90% of your heat up the chimney!

The first step is to measure the opening of your existing masonry fireplace to determine which size of insert will fit. Check out this handy wood insert measurement worksheet.

Wood inserts

Regency CI2600 Wood Insert

The beauty of a fireplace wood insert is that it allows you to meet many needs at once; back up heat source, home heating, ambiance!

These fireplaces are designed to be inserted into a brick or stone fireplace cavity and have a stainless steel liner attached to them that runs to the top of your chimney with a flashing and rain cap.

Wood fireplace inserts are made to heat!  If you just want a small fire without a ton of heat, you can throttle the amount of heat you get out of your insert by turning off the blower on the wood insert and adding less wood to your firebox.  Wood inserts can range from very traditional to very contemporary, and will turn a drafty old wood fireplace into a beautiful, efficient space heater.

Regency is the brand that you can trust for your new wood insert

Depending on your heat requirements and the style of your home these companies make quality, high efficiency wood inserts.

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