Regency wood stoves are Peterborough’s most efficient

Wood stoves have come a long way in the last 20 years! Find out why it may be time to upgrade your old stove or start heating with wood today.

We carry models from four leading manufactures:

  • Regency The Regency name means quality in every way. This Canadian company has been making high efficiency wood stoves for over 30 years & has been honoured with awards for exceptional aesthetics & performance.


Regency Wood Stoves

Regency wood stove

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New stoves combine efficiency and beauty

Modern stoves are up to 50% more efficient than older stoves (and pellet fed stoves are even more). That translates to less hauling wood, less chopping, less stoking the flames and greater return on investment.

And that’s before you start talking about how great they look. Glossy or matted finishes and colours that fit any room with details you won’t believe.

There’s nothing like a wood fire

  • new stoves burn the smoke & gases inside the firebox saving you up to 33% on your fire wood
  • very low clearances to walls which means you don’t have to spend extra money on wall protection
  • many have convenient ash pan systems built right into the stove
  • longer burn times, so that you can sleep through the night and wake to a bed of hot coals
  • cleaner windows for viewing, using an air wash system

Are you interested in heating your home with a high efficiency wood stove? In Peterborough a wood stove can keep your home warm and comfortable year round.

Are you interested in installing a unique focal point in your home that looks great? Wood stoves are making a huge comeback in 2018, so get ahead of the trend.

Visit our showroom today to see the selection for yourself and make your home more uniquely yours.


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